When someone is murdered, there is created a river of grief that will continue to flow until everyone who ever knew that person is dead. When a person is raped or beaten, the wounds never fully heal. It is only the victim’s courage which continues to fight submission to the effects of the violence. 

OUR MISSION is a simple one – to assure that the innocent crime victim has a face, a voice and a significant meaning in our system of social justice.

WE ARE the first and the oldest pro bono crime victims’ law center in the nation.

SINCE 1992, NJCVLC has continually and comprehensively provided the following services on behalf of crime victims:

  • Pro bono legal assistance to crime victims, including direct representation in the criminal justice system;

  • Amicus Curiae advocacy in all federal and state courts throughout the nation in issues affecting victims’ rights;

  • Informational and technical assistance to attorneys, service providers and legislators on crime victims’ rights laws;

  • Training, lecturing and consultation on victims’ rights and remedies in the criminal and civil justice systems;

  • Direct representation of victims and assistance to attorneys in issues involving victim compensation.

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Richard Pompelio, Esq.

New Jersey Crime Victims’ Law Center
1 Professional Quadrangle - Suite 3
Sparta, NJ 07871

Phone:973-512-3246 or (973) 600-7057
Email: info@njcrimevictims.org


Help Fight Serial Killer’s Transfer
Serial killer, James Koedatich has requested to be transferred from New Jersey State Prison to a prison in Illinois in order to be closer to his family.In 1982 he murdered Deirdre O’Brien and Amy Hoffman.

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